Process Energy Solutions

Gasification is the cleanest, most efficient way to convert coal, heavy oil and other hydrocarbons into lean, usable gas. Under intense heat and pressure these feedstocks break down into hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

The resulting syngas is then cleaned and is ready for commercial use as a fuel for electric power generation or as a raw material to make substitute natural gas, hydrogen or other chemicals. Process Energy Solutions (PES) is prepared to commit resources on our behalf or to assist others in the successful development of gasification projects. Our industry-specific knowledge, contacts, and recognition can accelerate project timelines; our alliances with other key service providers allow PES to rapidly deliver a full spectrum of specialized services for IGCC or other gasification projects.

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BQ Energy

The energy contained in the wind has been used effectively for many centuries and recent advances in tchnology now make it possible to generate electricity on a larger scale and in a cleaner and cost-effective fashion.

Modern, efficient wind turbines are 200-300 feet tall and consist of a large rotating propeller that turns slowly in the wind. These wind turbines typically can each produce between 1.5-3 megawatts of electricity at a cost comparable to electricity generated by new natural gas or coal fueled facilities. Wind turbines produce no emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, or other pollutants. There is very little noise generated and, with the BQ Energy approach to development, the visual impacts of wind energy are acceptable.

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